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Dream, Dare, Do

21 Dec, 2016

Dream, Dare, Do

"One of the most courageous things you can do is identify yourself, know who you are, what you believe in and where you want to go." - Sheila Murray Bethel

Success in the modern context extends to far more than excelling in the work we are tasked to do. The corporate culture of today has been molded such that the unspoken language of our character most often speaks louder than our awards, certificates, and other quantitative achievements. Identifying one’s self-worth, discovering the pursuits that lead to happiness, and what one believes in, as Sheila Bethel so artfully puts it, hasn’t had much light shed on it. This sort of approach – the approach to master one’s presentation & character – has been so rarely touched on. It is this perceived gap in our preparation for the ‘real world’ that led to the first of many amanté ‘Dream, Dare, Do’ Workshops.

amanté is far more than a brand of lingerie. The brand certainly manufactures great lingerie, but its vision extends to far more than intimate- wear. The vision of amanté is to ignite the feminine spirit, and inspire women to discover and pursue their best selves. With this in mind, amanté piloted the first Workshop to groom soon-to-be college graduates for the corporate world. The female-oriented seminar focused on the overarching themes of work-life balance, self-discovery, continued growth, as well as touching base on the importance of personal appearances, corporate attire, conversational mannerisms, and behavior. The seminar was conducted by Mrs. Manusha Weerakkody, an HR Consultant, Executive Coach and Training Facilitator. With the help of the Rotaract Club of the Faculty of Science at the University of Colombo, the interactive session was nothing short of successful, and the team internally gave more insight into its triumph.

Dream, Dare, Do  | amante blog

Meaning and Initiation of ‘Dream, Dare, Do’

‘Dream, Dare, Do’ is an amplification of the brand ethos of amanté – dare to be – which challenges young aspiring women to explore and express their inherent gifts and dreams – to be their best selves. It encourages women to discover and pursue their dreams to its full potential.

Dream, Dare, Do  | amante blog

Focus Group & Areas of Discussion

Soon-to-be college graduates are the next generation of leaders and influencers in our society. These individuals need more than an academic backing to promote and foster holistic success in their lives and what sets apart multifaceted individuals from others is character presentation.

The Dream Dare Do workshops focused on helping young women prepare for that all important transition from an educational excellence based reality to a working environment which warrants far more than qualifications on paper to succeed

While educational aptitudes encourage great work ethic, how one presents him/herself is equally important. From the practical aspects of a handshake to how self-awareness leads to self-respect and work-life balance, all such factors promote self-confidence. The self-assurance garnered from sessions such as this are lifelong learnings with multifaceted benefits. The conversations focused on topics that would enhance an overall appreciation for a corporate future.

The Success of Dream, Dare, Do

The workshop was highly interactive and was designed to be responsive. The session wasn’t a generalized talk aiming to self-motivate young women. Covering a wide array of topics, Mrs. Weerakkody encouraged and inspired heavy audience participation. The most effective participation was in the form of allowing all opinions of attire, behavior, and other topics to be surfaced and tackle each and every one of them individually. Predisposed ideas on attire and behavior were put to rest as Mrs. Weerakkody interactively portrayed proper behavior etiquette. She generously gifted manicures and haircuts for the young women who volunteered to be part of the interactive sessions. Participants also received a lingerie set as a first step in embodying corporate attire, behavior, and etiquette. The feedback after the session was overwhelmingly positive

The future of ‘Dream, Dare, Do’

Following the success of the pilot project, more is to be expected. This sort of ‘education’ works beyond one’s corporate participation, as well. Comprehending the behavioral and attire-oriented etiquette are lessons far reaching into everyday life.

Dream, Dare, Do  | amante blog

Education isn’t defined by the structures of academia. Rather, it is composed of the holistic learnings for practicality. Whether this may be how one dresses, talks, and conduct him/herself, it is key in communicating character, and should never be overlooked. Recognizing this overarching importance of self-awareness, character development, and personal grooming, amanté will continue to spearhead Dream Dare Do.

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