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Your Guide to Choosing the First Bra | amanté Blog

09 Jun, 2017

Your Guide to Choosing the First Bra

 Whether you’re a mother, an aunt, a friend, sister buying on behalf of you or even you yourself, shopping for the very first bra can be intimidating if you’re unsure of what to look for. Visible breast tissue development can begin in girls as young as eight years old and there are varying types of bras that suit different girls. Finding the appropriate beginner bra is key in ensuring comfort, support, and room for further development and with that in mind, we’ve put together some practical tips to make the shopping experience slightly less intimidating:

Know what to look for:

Different bras fit different occasions, and it is important to know the training bras to choose from. Are you shopping for a sport styled bra for sporting activities or a bralette-styled bra to wear under everyday clothes? Whichever you choose, it is preferable to choose a bra without a wire because it might hinder full tissue development. Opt for wired bras once the breast tissue has fully developed.

Different types of bras:

The three main categories of bras for girls looking for a trainer bra are:

amante bralette

Bralette: Bralettes aren’t only for young adults looking for to show off fashionable lingerie. Bralettes are an ideal option for young girls with developing bust. Bralettes are generally soft, very lightly padded and non-wired. These are great as an extra layer under everyday clothing.

amante non wired bra

Padded Bra: padded bras for young girls come in various linings. Determine the level of development and opt for either a thin lining (if breast development is at earlier stages) and vice versa. Generally, however, training bras come with little to no padding. Padded bras are ideal for teenagers who prefer more coverage and support for more developed busts.

amante sports bra

Sports Bras: Sports bras are beneficial for girls who partake in sport-based extracurricular activities. They are designed for more support and structure for physical activity as it aids in restricting movement. The fit of sports bras should be snug on the tightest hook and keep the hold the bust from heavy movement.

Shopping for your first bra can be intimidating, but it is beneficial to know these tips before venturing out. If possible, get the advice of a fit consultant at the store to ensure proper fit and comfort! Bras are designed in varying styles, silhouettes, materials, and much more! It might take the time to figure out the bra that works best for you, but it is mandatory to ensure proper fit all the while providing comfort!

Browsing for beginner bras? amanté’s BFF Range caters to young girls with a range of bras to suit a preferred style! Browse the collection here!

amante bff range

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