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Hacks to Transition from Work to your Night Out

03 Oct, 2016

Work the Look: Hacks to Transition from Work to your Night Out

We’re all yet to master the skill of going from conservative at work to a beauty in colour for a night out. Changed in a cube-sized bathroom stall? Check. Duffle bag packed with your evening clothes thrown onto the backseat of your car? Check. Or alternatively, entirely forgotten to pack that LBD for Wednesday’s girls’ night out? Check. Check. Check. We’ve all been there, and done that, and would rather not experience a repeat performance. It might be a little difficult (but not impossible) to go from demure to bold as the day gives in to night, but here are a few ways to spice up your office wear to suit the evening lights.

  • Colour your Night – while it might seem easier to throw a black on black ensemble for your 9-5, don’t let the dark hues fade you into the night. Don pops of colour and floral prints to contrast the dimly lit evenings.
iska dress asos

Iska Shift Dress in Tapestry Floral Print $19.35, ASOS

  • Bling it Up – Chunky choker-style necklaces are trending the street fashion looks. Accessorise a simple blouse with metallic or bright coloured chunky necklaces and steal the show.
ASOS Summer Flower Bib Necklace $15, ASOS
  • Smoke the Look: Don’t have the time to fix up your outfit? Go for a black smokey eye and a bold red lip to add allure to any outfit. Here's an easy tutorial from
    ELF smokey eye
  • Get Shifty – Shift dresses are not only work-appropriate but the idyllic evening-wear without the effort. Pair with your work pumps and a bit of colour on your lips for a complete evening look. Look out for textured shift dresses with embellishments or lace to further glamorize your outfit.
    Blue Orange Shift DressBlue Orange Shift Dress $25.37 (LKR 3,700), Shay Int.
  • Walk the look: Don’t change the outfit, change the shoes. Trade in your black work shoes for a pair of colourful footwear. Floral printed wedges to royal blue heels, give some colour to your feet and enjoy the evening.

Stiletto shoes Ink BlueStiletto Shoes - Ink Blue  $54.79 (LKR 7,990), MANGO

  • Knot it: Trying to keep your perfectly straightened hair or the bouncy curls all day is a tall order for your night out. Master a few up-do hairstyles that will last all day and night and keep your worries out of your hair. Here is a quick and easy up-do tutorial by hair expert Missy Sue.
Missy Sue Updo Hair Tutorial
Braided Updo for Short Hair,

    • Don’t forget the lingerie – if you’re going for an outfit change (regardless of how minor it might be), don’t forget to think about your lingerie. Going bare-shoulder? Don’t forget a strapless multiway bra. A Figure-hugging outfit in mind? Pack a seamless pantie.

    Glamour Multiway Bra $25.03
    (LKR 3,650), amanté

    Whether you’re heading out for a casual girls’ night out, a date, or an important evening work function, styling up your workwear can be as simple as changing the accent accessories or the shoes. Regardless of what you do, though, the best way to execute a well-thought outfit is your confidence. Be confident in your outerwear, and most everything will fall into place, although a quick application of a red lip never hurt anyone.

    *Dollar values based on exchange rate on 6/9/2016
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