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Why You Need to Take that Holiday | amanté Blog

24 Mar, 2017

Why You Need to Take that Holiday

We’d bet that before a month even starts, you’re flipping dates to check if any holidays fall on weekdays. We’ve all done it, and the reason is simple – it is a chance for us to take a breather, to relax an extra day and rejuvenate before we plunge into work. Then, why do most of us let those paid holidays slip by while we cram to work five, or possibly more days? Certainly, money might be a factor, but reality is, the world doesn’t stop just because you leave your workplace. Carefully planned away-from-office-holidays are a treat in itself. Don’t let the truckload of papers, deadlines, and emails rid you of any chance to go on holiday, and here’s why we think you should definitely go on that holiday!

  1. You will be miserable

Working without a break will exhaust you to the point of perpetual stress, change in eating habits, and potential other physical and mental side effects. If you’re bogged down with work and all you can think of is going on holiday, it’s time to start planning a holiday. Plan well in advance, and let your colleagues know, so you can genuinely take a breather without opening your mailbox.

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  1. You won’t put in your 100%

Working constantly at lengthy stretches will only tire you out. You will be constantly thinking of what you could be doing instead of the mountain of work piling on your desk, not to mention you might even notice an attitude change. Step back, recharge your batteries and rejuvenate for some time before you explode back into work with full force!

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  1. You’ll learn something new

The more time you spend at your desk completing your tasks, the shorter the time you get to learn something that could be beneficial to your work. A break from imminent work gives you ample time for you to read up on your industry growths and business literature that will aid you in broadening your perspectives.

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  1. You’re giving your employees an opportunity to grow

With your absence, your employees are forced to take on parts of your work, and that allows for lesser hand holding. They will learn more dynamically and take on your tasks with more confidence.

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  1. You have time for friends, family, and just simply hobbies you let pass

A holiday, as short or long as it may be, is a door to spending quality time with those who matter to you, as well as yourself. Whether that be working on your taxes, your gardening hobby or even your guilty pleasure of watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians, you have time for it all (or some, at least!).

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Taking a break shouldn’t be a difficult choice. A great work-life balance ensures a better commitment to your workplace and yourself. It’s great way to get away from the stress to recharge and go at it with a fuller force. Get to know yourself and when you need a break, then genuinely plan for one because trust us, you won’t regret it!

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