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What Mother's Day Mean to Real Mothers! | amanté Blog

08 May, 2017

What Mother's Day Mean to Real Mothers!

While some of us are wondering when is Mother’s Day (May 14th), others eagerly wait to give presents, DIY cards, and hugs of love and appreciation. Mother’s Day has been universally coined as a day to honour and appreciate the mothers in our lives (not that we shouldn’t appreciate them every day). Yet, what does Mother’s Day mean to the actual mothers? SheKnows wrote a fantastic (and humour-inducing) article on what it’s like to be a mother on Mother’s Day, and the responses are worth sharing!

amante mother's day


Mothers are the backbone of any family, and every day their efforts and love should be appreciated. While some of the best forms of appreciation require no money, we've put together a budget-friendly list of ways to show your appreciation. Ranging from simply spending quality time to amanté's exclusive Mother's Day intimates bundles, the efforts will not go unnoticed!

Credit: SheKnows - What Mother's Day means to me, according to real moms

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