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Choosing The Right Sleepwear | amante | Women’s Sleepwear

14 Aug, 2016

What is the Best Fabric to Sleep In?

Sleep for a week or sleep for the weak? While sleep reigns as the most sought-after state of mind for many, it will always be a lost battle to wake up with the first rays of sunshine. With that said, the fabrics of your lingerie can be a key factor to the functionality of your slumber. Therefore, get the most of your eight (or possibly less) hours and think twice before you decide on tatty old t-shirts for bed.

sleep amante lingerie best fabric to sleep in


Cotton fabric: Cotton lingerie is the go-to intimate-wear for most if not all, and its benefits are nonetheless discussion-worthy. Cotton sleepwear is sewn with breathable fabric with sufficient circulation. The soft material provides comfort for an undisturbed slumber. If you prefer to wear bras when you sleep, opt for a cotton bra. The soft fabric will ensure comfort throughout the night!

Silk: Silk is the epitome of allure for intimate wear and regulates temperature optimally for both cold and warm weathers. 

Moisture-wicking: Best for warm nights, moisture-wicking fabrics absorbs moisture away from the skin and helps your body regulate an ideal temperature for the night.

Bamboo: Spun from the fibers of the plant, this fabric is hypoallergenic and is soft to the skin. The anti-bacterial properties of the fabric is ideal for individuals with sensitive skin. Bonus: it is also 100% biodegradable for anyone who is eco-friendly!


While fabric is still very important, be mindful of other details. Tightly fitted sleepwear can be uncomfortable.

The idyllic slumber is different to every person, and therefore, personal comfort trumps all other factors. Whether it may be silk PJ’s or a lace chemise, don the comfort before you call it a night.

amanté’s exclusive sleepwear ranges from comfortable modal to sensual lace. Click here to shop the comfort and sensuality, also available at Racecourse and KCC Boutiques.

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