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Best Bra for the Working Women | amante Blog

20 Jun, 2016

What is the Best Bra for the Working Women?

The working woman, also synonymous with superwoman herself, is a woman of many talents and skills (not to discredit any other incredible ladies, though!). With a passionate level of commitment, only the epitome of comfort and support with a touch of grace and elegance should be donned to ensure an unmatched level of confidence and focus in the workplace. With that in mind, what is the best bra for the working woman? We’ve done our research, and tacked it down for you.

Regardless of your occupation, t-shirt bras are the most versatile option for the employed woman. Effortless grace meets support and comfort with cotton t-shirt bras and here are a few reasons why:

Streamlined Design

T-Shirt bras have a streamlined design without any embellishments for a smooth outer look on the cups and wings. Pair it up with fitted or loose garments without worrying about any unruly lines marring your outfit.

Versatility in Comfort

T-shirt bras are manufactured in varying designs for a multitude of needs. Don’t like wired bras? Try the non-wired t-shirt bra. Like the natural lift of a push-up bra? Try the push-up t-shirt bra. Wearing an edgy design? Try a multiway t-shirt bra design. Irrespective of the style you choose, t-shirt bras are the hidden secret under every woman’s clothing.


Bras are the foundation to any outfit. Thus, as with the streamlined design of t-shirt bras, they are also seamless on the cups for a smooth outer appearance for any outfit. The seams and hooks of the bras aren’t raised to enhance the smoothening effect.


T-shirt bras are usually made of cotton, a breathable fabric for ease. The fabric also absorbs moisture away from the skin for an improved comfort.

A t-shirt bra is one of the most popular style of bra worn. The comfort, support, and confidence provided is unparalleled. amanté’s Cosy by Nature features comfy cotton t-shirt bras and cotton lingerie with a variety of styles from wired and non-wired to non-padded, push-up, and multiway bras along with multiple colours and prints for a bolder look. Experience the benefits of the t-shirt bra yourself and never look back.




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piumi gallanga

December 07, 2016

awesome products.comfortable and has a wide range of a collection

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