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The Only Detox You Should Go On | amanté Blog

26 Jan, 2017

The Only Detox You Should Go On

We’re still in January, and we might still be at our peak detox phase. We are probably still chanting mantras of going to the gym, eating healthier, and possibly embarking on those questionable juice cleansers. While we’re busying ourselves with a lifestyle promising to bring good health and a better physique, we haven’t spent much time considering genuine detoxes that work. These detoxes extend far beyond a diet plan but ventures into the wellbeing of our mind, and this blog post focuses on a genuine detox for your entire mind and body.

amante blog - The Only Detox You Should Go On

Most of us categorize food into two boxes: good or bad. A slice of cake is bad, and some steamed broccoli is (arguably) good. When we draw a thick line between these black and white, we refuse to accept the gray. Yet, this sort of mindset is damaging as they are restricting you. Most often than not, such clarifications lead one to a point of binge eating the ‘bad.’ Therefore, instead of taking the route of classifying your meals, eat with the thought of nourishing your body.

As shocking as it may be, a slice of cake probably won’t hurt you, and similarly, don’t beat yourself over a weekend treat. Avoid believing in cleanses that will remove all toxins from your body. Instead, eat in proportion foods that will energize and boost your mood.

amante blog - The Only Detox You Should Go On

When we think of the term detox, we often relate it to the consumption of food. Yet, how about we detox our minds? This Refinery29 article explains cutting out a variety of unhealthy aspects of life and it begins with anything clogging our self-esteem. Work on boosting your confidence and appreciating the love you have for yourself. Cut back on social media scrolling to avoid inevitably comparing ourselves to feel as if we do not measure up to societal standards. If there is a genuine unhappiness nagging us about the way we look or the way we think, actively adapt or make changes only because you wish to, not as a result of extreme social expectations.

amante blog - The Only Detox You Should Go On

The article goes on to discussing anxiety as a key role in detoxing your mind. Worrying can be classified into two: productive worry and not. Worrying about events that haven’t transpired is a healthy way to anticipate events and how the future could unfold. Non-productive worry refers to events we have no control over, and the worrying is only harming the wellness of our mind. Minimize the time spent on non-productive worries by taking the time to prioritize events worth reflecting over, and those we don’t.

Lastly, individuals in our life can also dampen our mental wellbeing. Be generous in those social media accounts you unfollow or hide, and block. Self-care is as important as the care you give to others. Be conscious of those we befriend and if these individuals help us grow and learn. If they fail to do so, question their friendship to you and block out toxic individuals.

amante blog - The Only Detox You Should Go On

Detoxes should work beyond a digestive cleanse, and rather focus on our mental and physical wellbeing. Detox the most effective way by prioritizing self-care above all others.




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