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The Good Life | amante Ignites | amante Blog

04 Oct, 2017

The Good Life | amante Ignites

In line with celebrating the trend that’s here to stay, amante Ignites, in partnership with Saaraketha Organics, featured a fun and eventful workshop on living the good life on the 9th of September, 2017. The workshop invited an exclusive list of guests to learn about health and nutrition and why they are key aspects in embracing a healthy lifestyle.

amante ignites presents the good life with saaraketha organics


The workshop brought together the fantastic teams from Saaraketha Organics, Kitch&, and Anitra and Anette from The Flow Health Bar to show that eating healthy isn’t just a boring salad! The event kicked off with a wonderful introduction by Prasanna Hettiarachchi, the Founder and Managing Director of Saaraketha Organics. He delved into the goodness of eating fresh, whole foods and the benefits that we often overlook.

“I walked into the event with the view that eating healthy is boring but I came out realizing eating healthy is actually more fun than I thought! Thanks, amanté and Saaraketha for organizing this! Will definitely adapt It into my everyday routine!”- Angelika

The guests were then invited to take a seat out on the foyer as Aarthi Dharmadhasa from Kitch& showcased delicious meals made with heirloom rice from Saaraketha. Aarthi spoke of the importance of having rice in one’s diet and explained that it shouldn’t be classified as a boring or unhealthy carbohydrate to consume. Aarthi cooked us up three dishes with rice as the main ingredient. From a delicious soya and jaggery rice to a pesto rice and shakshuka, the crowd was in awe as the dishes were a melting pot of exquisite flavor. The guests went for seconds and even thirds as they learned of the clean vegetables and spices going into the meals. To wash it all down, the ladies at the Flow Health Bar offered shots of raw green smoothies to cleanse the palette prior to the cook-off!

amante presents the good life with saaraketha organics

amante presents the good life with saaraketha organics

“It was a great event that brought people together to learn about living the good life all the while having fun!” - Ramya

The guests were then ushered to the cook-off area to put together a delightful salad made from fresh vegetables and seasoning. The Flow Health Bar laid a spread of vegetables from cherry tomatoes to cucumbers, spinach, karawila, baked squash, and karapincha! The crowd was certainly spoilt for choice! The dressings were equally natural and delicious to taste with mixtures of Thai, herb, sweet, and other types of flavors married into the bottles. Guests were split into teams of six with the key criteria being flavor, texture, and presentation! The guests had a ball of laughter and fun as they rushed to make the most delicious salad. The key aim of the cook-off was also to showcase that salads aren’t simply plates of green leaves but rather a flavourful combination of cooked and raw vegetables with hints of heat and traces of sweetness. The winners of the cook-off were team Mum’s Kitchen! Their salad scored the highest points for presentation, taste, and texture and it won the hearts of the judges!  The workshop ended with all the guests receiving gift bags from Saaraketha and salad combinations from the professionals themselves, Anitra and Anette.

amante presents the good life with saaraketha organics

amante presents the good life with saaraketha organics

amante ignites presents the good life with saaraketha organics

“The cook-off was so much fun! Who knew we’d have this much fun making a salad! Great event and can’t wait for more!”- Shalini  

The guests mingled for a while after with talks of excitement to make their own salad and rice dishes! Await the next exciting amanté Ignites workshop and sign up for the Loyalty program to take part by signing up at the amanté Boutiques or Online here!


**All images courtesy of Saaraketha Organics


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