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Stretch that Smile with the amanté Boutique! | amante Blog

31 May, 2017

Stretch that Smile with the amanté Boutique!

In a time when we rarely take a breather from life, amanté took the initiative to treat its loyal customers to a facial yoga workshop over the weekend (27th May 2017). Stretch that Smile workshop was conducted by Yoga instructor Serena Burgess, founder of the OM SPACE, Colombo’s first ever dedicated yoga studio! In extending our appreciation, we organized this indulgence event through an invitation to our exclusive customer base.

amante yoga workshop

Serena possesses a very receptive personality and has a keen interest on enlightening someone’s life through Yoga. Facial Yoga was chosen as the theme for the workshop due to its significant benefits including toning & stretching facial muscles, increasing blood circulation, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, as well as relaxing and rejuvenating the skin for an added glow.

"amanté did a fantastic job organizing such a unique event for us ladies to feel relaxed and rejuvenated! Can't wait for the next one!" - Mrs. Gomes

The workshop brought in several ladies who were enthusiastic to start the weekend in tranquil fashion. The workshop commenced with a brief meditation session which was beneficial for the participants to relax their minds and focus on themselves. The facial yoga session began shortly after, as Serena explained the importance of dedicating a special time for yourself to embrace the beauty of nature and enjoy the little things. The workshop comprised of facial muscles relaxing exercises. Though the participants were slightly reluctant to do those exercises and make different expressions initially, once they got into the rhythm they were enjoyed the immediate relaxation.

amante yoga workshop

As it was a novel experience to almost all the participants, Serena did not linger on one exercise for more than 5-6 minutes and made sure that each exercise was followed by a couple of minutes of breaks to relax the muscles. By the time the workshop was over, it was apparent that each participant was quite brightened up and enjoying the facial yoga session which was a fresh concept for them.

"It was a very relaxing session for the face as well as the mind" - Pramitha


After a quick round of thank-you’s, the ladies were invited to have a hot cup of herbal infused tea recommended by the Yogi herself as an ideal beverage after the workshop. The ladies got an opportunity to have a chat, get to know each other, and share their experiences. Certain participants were so thrilled with the experience that they even gave suggestions for similar workshops to be conducted in the future.

amante yoga workshop

The amanté Facial Yoga workshop was proven successful with the overwhelmingly positive feedback from the ladies! We consider customer satisfaction an inherent part of our vision, and extending our appreciation is a simple way to be thankful! Stay tuned for more workshops and how you can participate!

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June 01, 2017

I am interested in facial yoga. Please give me details. Thanks in advance :)

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