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Why You Should Own a Seamless Panty and a Brazilian Panty

21 Jul, 2017

Panties for Every Occasion!

Panties aren’t a bottom drawer staple anymore. With the plethora of options we have for outerwear, lingerie plays a significant role in providing the backbone for any outfit. It is why brands have put out panties ranging from bikini silhouettes to thongs and tangas to boyshorts and lace affairs. With the multitude of styles, finding the right panty to go with the right outfit is difficult. More so, figuring out why you need all these styles are daunting in itself. To help with the thinking, we’ve broken down panties by the occasion to help you dress for success!


Seamless and cotton panties are your ideal go-to lingerie for everyday wear. What is seamless underwear? The seamless underwear meaning comes from the fact that they leave no panty lines regardless of the type of outfit you wear. The seams of the panty are flocked around the edges and folded over to eliminate the effect of a raised seam. Thus, it is the ideal panty under tight fitting outerwear such as skinny jeans, bodycon dresses, pencil skirts, pants and more! Seamless underwear is also stretched taught than tight. This allows for better coverage without leaving any unruly lines. Seamless panties are composed of spandex blended fabrics for optimal stretch and comfort, thus making the seamless panty the epitome of comfort and invisibility.

best panties for working

Gym/Working Out

Allowing your skin to breathe is important, especially when you’re sweating. Non-breathable and tight fitting panties can lead to infections and skin problems. Opt for moisture wicking and breathable fabrics. Rating silhouettes from the following categories: breathability, panty line visibility, and comfort, cotton blended bikinis and boyshorts are a safe option.

best panties for gym


For running errands and lounging around, cotton panties are an ideal choice. The breathability and softness factors are optimal and cotton boyshorts provide a comfortable cut for long hours.

best panties for everyday wear


If you’re opting for wearing a skin-tight dress or an outfit bringing out your curves, choose a comfortable thong to wear for your evening. Thongs eliminate visible panty lines entirely and add a touch of sensuality to your outfit. Soft lace thongs are smooth on the skin and seamless thongs significantly reduce visibility for an unblemished evening! If you want more coverage, choose brazilian panties. The brazilian underwear is cut at the back with more coverage than a thong but less modest than a bikini panty. Brazilian briefs are sensual as it is comfortable with an added touch of playfulness. Brazilian cut panties come in a variety of colours and fabrics. Browse the collection at amante here!

best panties for going out

Panties silhouettes and fabrics are important when it comes to daily activities. While it may seem easy to throw on a pair of panties as you conquer your day, the health benefits of choosing fabrics against your skin cannot be overlooked. Thus, opt for a variety of panties and choose the one best fitting for your activity because the best sort of panty is one you don’t feel like you’re wearing. Choosing the right lingerie gives you the comfort and support to go on about your day without any worry!


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