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New Year Resolutions You'll Want to Keep in 2017 | amanté Blog

24 Dec, 2016

New Year Resolutions You'll Want to Keep in 2017

As the Christmas Cheers continue, New Year’s Eve is just around the corner! With January 1st looming just above our heads, some, if not all of us are looking forward to making it the best year yet! From personal to family resolutions, it is important to keep in mind what is important, what you’d like to achieve in the coming year. Whether it be self-discovery or even discovering new eateries in Colombo, have a plan; a plan to conquer the year.

  • Meditate: If your work is stressful (despite enjoying it), or you know you’ll go under some inevitable tension, try meditation. With scientific findings of its benefits, calming your mind and ridding yourself of thoughts reduces anxiety, stress, and improves decision making, perception, and even self-control.

Meditate | amante blog

  • Try something new every day: You may have heard of this resolution year after year, but it need not be ground-breaking new activities you try. Watch an inspirational TED Talk, go for a run early morning, or even try a new recipe.

Cooking | amante blog

  • Play: Living the adult life doesn’t mean letting go of your childhood playing days. The term ‘playing’ depends on the person, and life shouldn’t be consumed with the stress of a job or other dependencies. Stuck on how to add a little cheer? Read this article on having a touch of playfulness in your life!

Play | amante blog

  • Eat healthier: There are too many reasons to count as to why we should eat better. The concern is not to eat less, but to eat healthier foods, in proportion. From health reasons to aesthetic appeals, eating healthier is a gift for yourself.

Healthy Eating | amante Blog

  • Read More: Books are one of the simpler ways of transporting yourself into alternate realities. Fiction or non-fiction it can inspire ideas, life, and even realize your self-worth.

Read More | amante  Blog

  • Spend more time with family: Family by blood or not, spend time with those who bring out the best in you, not the stress. Have a laugh over a home cooked meal or a walk down memory lane by looking at old photographs. Don’t take family for granted, enjoy their company.

Family | amante blog

  • Be Kind to yourself: Love yourself and be kind to your flaws. Your happiness shouldn’t depend on the perception of others, but rather, on yourself. Be more resilient and confident in yourself. Love your mishaps, and embrace your curves or lean figure. A positive outward attitude should start from within. Lastly, don’t go looking for a ‘better half,’ be better by yourself. Be wholesomely happy, and watch it completely change your life!

Love yourself | amante blog

Don't let 2017 be just another year. Work to be a better person, to enjoy life and to make time for the people in your life!


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