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How to Transform Your Sportswear to Everyday Wear

08 Nov, 2016

Athleisure: How to Transform Your Sportswear to Everyday Wear

Athleisure has become a trend embodied from the richest of Hollywood to the last-minute entrant into a college classroom for an 8AM lecture. Regardless of the scenarios, it is the absolute epitome of comfort and not to mention, can be very easy to put together for everyday errands and even for a casual outing. In light of showcasing its versatility, we've put together a set of athleisure looks to inspire your next Sunday morning brunch outfit. 

Athleisure part 3

Go about your Sunday morning errands in a conservative yet comfortable yoga pant, sports bra, white tank top, and flip flops. Add a cap and sunglasses to keep the tropical sun at bay!


Athleisure part 4

Effortlessly dress up by donning a t-shirt dress and white trainer shoes. Accessorize with accented jewelry to make a subtle statement.


Athleisure part 2

Post-workout, pair up a casual running shorts and a racerback top with Birkenstock sandals for everyday errands. Choose moisture-wicking materials for optimal comfort!


Let your accessories speak for themselves! Don large patterned handbags or totes and bright colored sports bras for a hint of color peeking through your outfit!

Athleisure is becoming a fast-moving trend as it lends itself to being thoroughly comfortable! This sports-wear-meets-street-glam look blends together athletic outfits with cool casual wear for the ultimate street-chic look. Thinking of jumping on the athleisure wagon? Browse our collection of sportswear to get started! Shop sports here!

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