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How To: Throw the Ultimate Christmas Party

01 Dec, 2016

How To: Throw the Ultimate Christmas Party

Christmas parties are an exciting part of the festive season. With an abundance of food and drink to go around, it’s a warm and friendly gesture as the year draws to a close! Christmas parties at home are some of the best with warm and familiar surroundings encompassing you as well as the bubbly excitement of your guests! However, throwing a Christmas party need not be as stressful as you may think. Planning well ahead and keeping the night simple are all it takes for the laughter and smiles to start crackling! Step up your game and throw a Christmas party to remember with these planning tips!

The Décor:

Don’t start pulling hairs by trying to adorn the entire house in Christmas themed decorations! Select a few key areas in the main room of the party. This may be the dining table, the mantel, and the Christmas tree. Try a reel of old black and white Christmas movies playing on the big screen (with the volume down, of course) for a lively look. This will be a great conversation starter on the usual ‘good ol’ days.’ Stick to warmer yellow lights. Drape fairy lights along the staircase railing or switch on the lamps. This will give a friendly glow without bright lights flashing from above!


The Food:

Go slightly unconventional and plate a variety of finger foods as opposed to a big meal. This allows for your guests to walk around and chatter about all the while leaving the mess of the post-party clean up a less of a hassle. Plate up minced pies, apple pies, pigs in a blanket, yule logs, marzipan treats, spicy cashews, and not forgetting the famed Christmas cake! If you’re looking for a short cut, get your plates made and delivered by bakers and shops all over the city. Browse the Christmas treats at Sits Cakes & Desserts, the English Cake Company, and Treats N Stuff for fudgy delights! A cheese board with crackers will also be a great hit!

Christmas Food


The Drinks

Keep in mind the number of guests have confirmed attendance and buy your bottles accordingly. Note, the average guest drinks about four glasses of wine! Accommodate the non-alcoholic consumers by making bowls of fruity punch, soft drinks and mocktails!

Christmas Drinks





















The music:

Keep the stereo on all night with carols and a Christmas playlist! Add in some popular tunes for the guests to sing along!

The Gift That Gives:

If you’re expecting a few Christmas gifts, why not turn a generous eye and ask guests to bring unwrapped gifts for a charity of your choice! New clothes, toys, and books will always be cherished by anyone! No one will turn down gifts on Christmas; after all, it is the season of giving!

Christmas Gifts


Throwing a grand Christmas party all comes down the conversation, laughter and warmth of the party! Embrace a few slips and falls and don’t forget to enjoy the party! Looking for the perfect outfit for your Christmas party? We've got you covered! Stay tuned for the next Blogmas post coming up!





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