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How to Stay Fit this Avurudu! | amanté Blog

16 Apr, 2017

How to Stay Fit this New Year

For us Sri Lankans, April is a month of excitement. The holidays, the sweet treats, and games that all accompany the Sinhala & Tamil New Year are reasons to smile with giddying happiness. The best part about the New Year might arguably be the sweet meats cooking up in homes and shops. The smell of kokis and mung kavum delights even the ficklest of hearts and the possibly the ones with the strictest diets, and that’s a slight dilemma. For those of us progressing towards a healthier lifestyle with nutritional food and plenty of exercises, we might see a dip in consistency this time of the year followed by a cycle of guilt and regret.

Yet, this New Year doesn’t have to be a game of how long can you resist the food for before it ends up in your mouth. This New Year, embrace the temptations that come within but keep in mind your goals and why you started this journey of a healthier life in the first place. To help with that, we’ve come up with 5 simple & effective ways to avoid completely indulging your bodyweight in aasmi & aluwa.

  1. Eat before you go: It’s simple, but it works. If you have a New Year luncheon to go for, have something to fill you up just before you go. While this requires some self-control, being full helps you avoid over-eating and proportionately enjoy the treats without the accompanying guilt!
  1. Say no to the drinks: Unfortunately, we can’t have it all. If you know you want to indulge in some sweetmeats this season, then skip the drinks. A combination of both caloric drinks and food will create havoc on your hard work at the gym (or elsewhere). Most of us will indulge more than other times this season, but we can certainly cut back on how much we consume!
  1. Stay Fit: While most gyms and fitness centers close for the New Year, it’s no excuse to take a break from your hard work! Even if you can’t get in a good strength training routine at the gym, opt for some cardio such as running or even something as simple as jumping rope! If you want to keep your fitness at your best, check out these 5 at home no-equipment workouts to do anywhere!
  1. Hydrate: The heat descending upon is miserable, we all know it. Stay cool and keep hydrating throughout the day to avoid sneaking some food or drink!
  1. Take part in the activities: Spend time at the activities tables. The New Year is filled with fun-filled games and they’re not just for kids! Band up a few friends and family and attempt the pillow fights and the tug-of-war!

The New Year is a time meant to spend with friends and family while enjoying a table of food! You don’t need to completely cut back on the treats to ensure your fitness doesn’t plateau (or even crash!). Eat proportionally and still enjoy the festivities all the while renewing bonds of friendship and bringing prosperity into your own.

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