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How to Peacefully Say No to Sugar | amanté

19 Jan, 2017

How to Peacefully Say No to Sugar

We sprinkle powdered sugar like snow on cakes. We use it an excuse for a boost of energy. We even call our significant other, sugar. We go on fad diets that eliminate sugar completely, yet, in a few short weeks, or even months, we’re addictively enjoying that cupcake topped with decadent icing. Parting with sugar is a bitter-sweet moment (pardon the pun!). We desperately wish to control it, yet, we secretly enjoy every morsel of a fudgy chocolate brownie sitting atop a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Regret comes after, though, and so is the continuous and vicious sugar cycle. For some, sugar is a form of comfort, a friend, and the artful dusting of sprinkles on a birthday cake is a sight of divinity in itself.

How to Say No to Sugar - amante blog

We love sugar. Yet, there is no reciprocation.

We would silently scream in frustration as we see the stranger in the mirror the morning after a rich dessert. Sugar might be destroying our aesthetics, but more importantly, uncontrollable intake of sugar is destroying our health; our chance of living a problem-free life.

Thus, what is the answer, to one of the most searched questions on the web? “How do I stop eating sugar?” The answer is to be kind to yourself as well as understanding your body. Being compassionate with yourself not only boosts your self-esteem, but it also reduces your cravings for sugar.

How to Say No to Sugar - amante blog

Don’t force yourself to stay away from a box of cookies. Completely avoiding sugar will haunt you in the future as you binge eat on the chocolates in your pantry. Have a cookie, maybe even two. Then simply, let, go. Listen to your body cues. Take a deep breath, and walk away, and while you do, understand your hunger cues. Are you craving for the taste, or are you genuinely hungry? If you are hungering after the taste, walk away. Drink a glass of water, eat a fruit, and walk away. This cue is not asking to fill your hunger, but simply to sate a hunger on your mind. If you’re genuinely hungry, walk away, too. Eat a filling meal that’ll keep you energized for a longer period of time (make a conscious effort to store healthy food around).

How to Say No to Sugar - amante blog

As you become more confident in understanding what your body wants, make the decision at the grocery store, or the bakery to avoid throwing in a butter cake into the cart. Choose sugar, but be careful of what you consider as a sweet treat. If you are a sweet tooth, opt for yogurts and fruits, and even dark chocolate as alternatives.

How to Say No to Sugar - amante blog

Sugar doesn’t have to be your best friend and worst enemy. It can simply be a treat on an occasional basis, without the crushing regret not just to your mind, but also to your health.

Saying no to sugar does not mean cutting it out of your diet, it simply means understanding what your body is craving for, and to treat yourself to healthier alternatives. This doesn’t mean you can’t have a slice of cake at your friend’s birthday party. The overarching idea is to be kind, to make the effort to understand what your body is craving, to portion control your sugary treats, and finding alternatives to sate your taste buds!



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