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How to Love Being Single on Valentine's Day | amanté Blog

31 Jan, 2017

How to Love Being Single on Valentine's Day!

Alone doesn’t imply lonely, and we believe that’s a key takeaway with the upcoming season of love that is around the corner. Before we begin, let’s uncover the reality check: We have put a great deal of commercialism into this day, but we shouldn’t single out a day to show appreciation for one another. Moreover, it should not be a day to feel like we’ve failed ourselves simply because we aren’t in a relationship. We’re always in a relationship with ourselves. Just as much as we give attention to others, we also require attention to ourselves. We deserve the same love we give to others, and there is simply nothing wrong with indulging in some self-love. With that in mind, we’ve listed out a few ways on how to spend Valentine’s with yourself, because there is nothing wrong with spending rupees on chocolate for yourself!

  1. Say no to the Notebook: As much as the love between Noah and Allie inspires the coldest of hearts, no one needs a re-run of a fictitious romance that will leave that box of tissues empty. Instead, embrace the political scandals of House of Cards or the medical drama, Grey’s Anatomy. Feeling jocular? Watch back-to-back episodes of Parks & Recreation, Family, or even the hilarious Mindy’s Project!
  2. Splurge: When you have no responsibilities on Valentine’s Day, take the time to splurge on yourself. Take the evening to score some worthy deals by fishing your way through department stores and other retailers.
  3. Workout: Not a shopper? Worry not, how about taking the day to spend some time working for yourself? Hit the gym for a sweat-inducing workout! Working out has shown not only aesthetic results, but it boosts positive moods! If you’re not a fan of the gym, hit the roads for a run.
  4. Make it a Single’s Day/Night Out: If you’re in the mood to take the city up by storm, step out of the sweatpants and dress up. Wear your favorite confidence-boosting outfit and head out with your friends! Go out for drinks, grab some dinner and enjoy the company of each other.
  5. Spa Day: If you’re looking for some downtime, take the evening to pamper yourself with an at-home-spa day. Take a relaxing shower or bath, put some light music and light some aromatic candles. Give yourself a facial, a complimentary makeover or even take the time for a manicure. Feeling like splurging? Head to your favorite massage therapist and give yourself a bone and tissue relaxing evening.
  6. Family Time: If you have any siblings or parents in the vicinity, drop by with a batch of cookies or some dinner. Enjoy the familiar sensations of being back with those you spent your childhood with! In fact, put on a good movie and sit back and enjoy in silence the love in the room!

As the cliché phrase goes, Valentine’s Day is a highly commercialized attempt to celebrate love, when in fact, there shouldn’t be an occasion to celebrate a loved one, including yourself. However, if you happen to be stranded on this day with the pressure of being alone, actively force yourself to embrace self-love and take care of yourself because there is absolutely no such thing as too much self-care and love. 



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Priyeni McLeod

February 27, 2017

Nice thoughts.

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