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How to Actually Enjoy Exercising | amante Blog

18 Dec, 2017

How to Actually Enjoy Exercising | Akushla Emma De Silva

How to Actually Enjoy Exercising

Strong is the New Beautiful is a series of articles written by Akushla Emma De Silva showcasing her strides sport and education. Her journey to success is one to be inspired by. This is the fourth of the five series articles. Read the first, second, third, and fifth.


Everyone likes (or doesn’t like) to exercise in their own way. Here are a few different tips I’ve learned and exercise methods to try:

  • First and foremost, exercising is something that you should enjoy and want to do! Pick something that interests you and go for it.
  • Some great activities offered at most gyms are Zumba, HIIT, spin biking and yoga. These activities are great to get started and spice up your typical training. If you plan on doing the classes on their own, try and supplementing them with some strength building to get an all around effect.
  • Strength building- know that there is no such thing as spot reducing, but area training can work to build up strength.
    • The best thing to lose weight is working out often and eating well. Working out often without eating well will not give you the results you want.
    • Also, always remember to eat a pre and post workout snack. This will give you the energy for your workout and the protein for recovery.
  • My workout schedule is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, with the rest days being Wednesday and Sunday.
    • I try to do something light on Saturdays, like a light run or yoga.
    • Rest days are very key for maintaining strength and allowing your body to rest.
    • Rest days mean to completely rest and the most to do is just stretch and relax.
    • To start off, try an alternating day schedule in the week and see how this feels on your body.
  • For cardio, running may be tough on some people’s bodies, but swimming and spin biking are great alternatives.
    • Swimming is an all around great workout and tones every part of your body.
    • Biking may seem like the focus is on the legs, but it takes core strength to keep your upper body up and controlled and this helps work the arms by keeping them tight and flexed.
  • Don’t have time for the gym? Many workouts can be done at home through the internet or from online workout videos. Search and see what you can find online that suits you!
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