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School's Out & Here are 7 Fun Things to do in Colombo! | amante blog

29 Jun, 2017

School's Out & Here are 7 Fun Things to do in Colombo!

Colombo is an exciting place chock full of things to do. There are places to eat, to go shopping and activities to partake in. If you’re not quite sure what you would like to do, here are some suggestions that'll keep you busy during your holidays!


  1. Colombo racecourse is a forefront for entertainment with its several shopping opportunities including the best lingerie store in Colombo – amanté boutique. There’s a rugby field outside as well if you want to spend a few hours playing ball or a good game of football, it's a fantastic place! Add to that, grab a quick bite or a good meal in and around the area, from fast food chains to organic food at the Good Market. 

    racecourse mall colombo
    Picture Report, Ministry of Defense

  2. Excel world is home to several fun games and activities. You can go bowling with your best friends or play a few games of pool. Either way! you’re guaranteed to have fun. If pool and bowling don’t float your boat, then there’s a cinema hall where all the latest blockbuster movies are available to watch. Overall, it's a budget-friendly place to hang out for a few hours.

    colombo excel world
    Excel World, Mirror Business

  3. A new craze of Bubble Tea outlets have taken Colombo by storm in the past few months but one stands out amongst the rest. Bubble Me Bubble Tea have opened up a branch in Maitland Crescent, Colombo 7 and it has more flavors to offer than any other Bubble Tea shop in Colombo. They've got fruit-based teas, milk-based teas, yogurt flavoured tea, and slushies. Grab a drink and walk around the department stores while you chatter about!

    bubble me colombo
    Bubble Me Bubble Tea, Yamu

  4. ODEL is a common name amongst us all but you cannot deny that it is unparalleled when it comes in terms of the services that they offer. They have recently refurbished a part of the area and turned it into a food court. The appearance of the area is quite pleasant and perfect for sitting down and chatting with your friends. A burger from sugar bistro or a portion of fish and chips from the Seafood Shack will be sure to satisfy your appetite. When it comes to shopping opportunities there are plenty available in ODEL. The best in fashion is on display with high-quality brands!

    odel colombo
    Odel, Yamu

  5. They say the best way to relax and relieve stress is to take a walk in the park. In our case, we have  Viharamahadevi Park in Colombo 7. A lot of the old trees are towering and wild but the park is still meticulously maintained, with beautifully paved pathways, some flanked by palm trees and lush, even grass. It’s the perfect place to chill and laze around with friends or family. Up your recreational hours and take a picnic basket to the grounds to enjoy some cold drinks over a good conversation!

    viharamahadevi park colombo
    Viharamahadevi Park, TripAdvisor 

  6. Nearby Viharamahadevi Park is Nelum Pokuna Theatre and it is impressive to say the least once you walk inside. The high quality stage productions will be sure to entertain you and will be fun to watch with family or friends. Make sure you don’t miss out on the shows as they aren't shown very often.

    nelum pokuna colombo
    Nelum Pokuna, Nelum Pokuna

  7. Another area to visit is Independence Square and it is ideal for a nice walk with your friends. Evening classed by the square is a gerat way to work a sweat if you want to burn some calories, too! The memorial museum is nearby and that gives you a chance to explore and learn about our countries history. Close by is Arcade which is yet another place to go shopping. The Arcade also comes with plenty of places to eat such. The Arcade also comes with a cinema hall where the latest box office hits can be relished with your friends and relatives.

    independence arcade colombo
    Independence Arcade, Daily Life


Colombo is a hub for exciting activities if you take the time to venture out (even to the more highly patronized places). Whether you want to get a quick workout, a good meal, a picnic, or even get some shopping done, there are plenty of places to keep you occupied!

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