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Why Choose Cotton Lingerie | amante Blog

17 Jun, 2016

4 Reasons to Buy Cotton Lingerie

Why Choose Cotton?

Open any closet drawer or dresser, and you would find yourself surrounded by a multitude of cotton clothes. There’s validity to the statement that cottons are some of the most comfortable materials to be adorned. Similarly, cotton bras and panties provide a wealth of benefits, and some of which are unknown to the everyday wearer. Cotton panties and bras are the perfect complement to your everyday outfits, whether it be at work or at home; and knowing the gains will ensure comfort and support with a touch of delight to your everyday lingerie experience.

Sensitive to Skin

Cotton as a fabric is hypoallergenic, and it does not irritate even the most sensitive of skin types. As lingerie is the worn closest to the skin, choosing cotton intimate wear will ensure a more comfortable experience as the fibres are tightly woven into yarn to avoid discomfort and static.

High Durability

Cotton fabrics are durable and highly resistant to most forms of abrasion, and thus can be worn for a significant period of time.

Cool for the Summer

With the summer heat beating down, wearing the most breathable and cooling clothing is imperative. Cotton is a highly absorbent fabric that provides a cooling-effect as the material absorbs moisture away from the skin on those days when the sun is unforgiving.

Optimal Comfort

The softer fabric of cotton provides the wearer optimal comfort, especially for inner-wear. The fabric is ideal for lingerie to be worn at work and home. Cotton bras and underwear offer more elasticity and a softer moulding to your silhouette.

With summer fast approaching, preparation is vital. Embrace the sun with open arms by donning fabrics that will allow for optimal comfort and support. amanté’s line of Cosy by Nature cotton lingerie is the perfect blend of ease and assurance when you need it.


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