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Christmas Gifts for Him | amanté

14 Dec, 2016

Christmas Gifts for Him

With Christmas right around the corner, giving a gift with thought and care is important. Out with the generic gifting and in with the unique presents for the season with our guide to giving the best gifts for any man, whether that be your father, brother, spouse, or friend!

Noise-Cancelling Headphones: Trying to think of a versatile and useful gift? How about a pair of headphones? Browse great deals online for the pickiest of music listeners, and watch the awe as they open their gifts! Browse this Bayer Dynamic Headphones on here!

Bayer Dynamic HeadphonesBayer Dynamic Headphones,

Nutri-Bullet: This year was all about healthy juices and liquid protein. Gift this useful kitchen gadget to the independent and mature man of your life for either drinks post-gym, or simply for a good juice on a sunny day. is offering a 40 % discount on an 8 piece set here!


Think Piece: For the man who is slightly socially evasive, let him dive right into thought-stimulating worlds with a fiction or non-fiction book. Better yet, if he’s looking for inspiration, gift him works of individuals who’ve shaped our world, such as famed Malala Yousafzai or even the biography of Lakshman Kadirgamar.

I am MalalaI am Malala,

A New You: If he sports a beard (and is proud of it), why not gift him a full trimming set? Utility at its peak, it’s a definitive yes in the gifting department! Try your luck with these amazing offers for the season here!

Remington Trimmer SetRemington High Precision Trimmer,

Dress Mode: With the New Year just mere weeks away, gift a touch of newness with elegant apparel. Whether it be a plaid shirt or a silk tie, rest assured, he will be dazzling in a cut and polished outfit. L. L. Bean is offering worldwide shipping with attractive special prices. Shop the looks here!

L. L. Bean ShirtsL. L. Bean ShirtsL. L. Bean Shirts

L. L. Bean Shirts,

Gifting doesn’t have to be as stressful as the season lends itself to be. ‘Tis the season to get some shut eye, (over)eat, and be merry with friends and family. Gifting need not be overthought, simply showing care and appreciation for everyone this holiday season is plenty. However, if you feel like going the extra mile, a gift or two wouldn’t hurt! Looking for gifts for the women in your life? Look no further, we’ve got a comprehensive list for you here!

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