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Budget Friendly Office Secret Santa Gifts | amanté Blog

16 Dec, 2016

Budget Friendly Office Secret Santa Gifts

The Office Secret Santa can be slightly overwhelming, especially if you are on a budget and might not know the colleague very well! Enjoy the festivities this year with a slightly hassle-free shopping trip with our guide on the top five gifts for your office Secret Santa!

A Knotty Situation: You can’t go wrong with a tie. You simply cannot. Boys turn into men when they slip a silk slim tie and take on the day, so why not present a tie, he’s bound to use! 

amante Blog - tie

Lingerie: If you're very close friends with a colleague and is looking forward to a big occasion such her wedding, gift her a great set of lingerie! From an elegant sleep robe to a chemise, she'll greatly appreciate the thought!

A Bottle for the Occasion: This no-gender specific gift is ideal for anyone! With the festive parties just around the corner, anyone could use a good bottle of wine to open at parties!

amante blog: wine

Restaurant Vouchers: The bare minimum yet nonetheless highly appreciated gift is a voucher to a great restaurant. Give a gift of two vouchers, and let them feast on the delicacies of the season!

amante blog: vouchers

Spa Vouchers: As the holidays creep in, so does the stress, and a spa voucher to ease out the knots before the new year begins is an ideal way to say goodbye to stressful tensions (at least for a while!).

amante blog: vouchers

Statement Bling: Give a statement piece of jewelry such as those in silver or gold (doesn’t have to be real, of course!) to match with any outfit! It’ll be an ideal gift for pairing with holiday and New Year parties!

amante blog: necklace

Finding a useful gift within budget can be slightly daunting, especially with other activities and festive events asking for your attention! Yet, it need not be as troublesome! This guide is inspiration worthy to purchase a highly appreciative gift for your work colleague without the hassle of wracking your brain!

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