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A Buyer’s Guide to Non Padded Bras | amante Blog

11 Dec, 2017

A Buyer’s Guide to Non Padded Bras

Non padded bras are considered some of the most comfortable bras and quite popular amongst Sri Lankan women! Non padded cup bras are lined with fabric without any moulded cups to provide a soft fit and gentle shaping. Lined non padded bras are an ideal solution for women looking for bras that will maintain the natural shape of the breast. Non padded bras are also perfect as training bras for young girls as they are comfortable and soft. This article will cover everything you need to know about non padded bras!

Lightly Lined vs. Non Padded Bras

Countless terminology for innerwear can be confusing and many loosely define lightly lined and non padded bras as the same. However, there is a slight but distinctive difference. Lightly padded bras hold a very thin cup (approx. 1/8 inch) with the purpose of minimizing nipple show-through. Non padded bras, on the other hand, have no padding and are made with stitched cup in either synthetic or cotton fabrics.

What is a Non Padded bra?

A non padded bra is a bra that has no moulded cup (thus making it the opposite of a padded bra). It is lined with the fabric of the bra. The ultra-light lining offers soft comfort to the wearer. The bra perfectly moulds to the shape of the bust. Depending on the material and thickness of the fabric, there might be some nipple show-through.

Non padded bras come with seamless and seamed cups for varying purposes. Seamless cups on the non padded bra are ideal for a smooth outer look. A ‘cut and sew’ construction or seamed cup version of a non padded bra  is great for natural shape and lift  and ideal for South Asian ethnic wear such as kurta tops and sarees.

Some non padded bras have a side sling (pictured below) and other special features that enhance the shape and contour of the bust. Saree bras have such features that cater to South Asian ethnic wear, all the while maintaining advanced features.

The Basics: What you need to know about non padded bras

Non padded bras are versatile and many women in varying breast sizes prefer them. For women with bigger busts, non padded bras are often the preferred choice as it does not provide further enhancing of the breast. Similarly, young girls who are starting to wear bras would prefer non padded training bras as it is soft and easy to wear without discomfort.

Non padded bras come with and without underwire. An underwire in a bra provides enhanced support. Underwires are sometimes preferred by women who have mid to large breast sizes (C cup onwards) as it provides extra lift and keeps the bra in place (against the breast root). However, seekers of comfort sometimes prefer non padded bras without underwire. Factors such as comfort and support are dependent from person to person as no breast is alike. Therefore, it is strongly advised that you seek the expertise of a fit consultant to find the ideal non padded bra.

Non padded bras come in varying fabrics. Cotton and other softer fabrics offer comfort and are best suited for girls starting to use training bras. Non padded bras in microfiber, lace and other such fabrics allow for playful and contemporary designs.

The Best Non Padded Bras for 2018

 As the year draws to a close, be the best version of yourself and get the perfect non padded bra! Here are the amanté top 5 non padded bras loved by customers!

  1. Saree Shaper Bra: Saree Shaper Bra is specially designed for saree blouses and similar attire with support and shape for daily wear.

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  • Side shaping panel to lift and support bust
  • Wide wings provide a smooth rear definition for slimmer appearance
  • Ultra soft side boning for comfort
  • Easy adjustable straps for the perfect fit
  • Large size range



  • May not be suitable under a t-shirt



  1. Fresh Non Padded & Non Wired Bra: The Fresh Bra is a stretch cotton moulded bra that absorbs sweat and regulates moisture for everyday wear.

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  • Cotton fabric for enhanced comfort
  • Moisture management technology for everyday wear
  • Stretch material to mould to bust perfectly


  • May not be suitable for colder climates which might result in nipple show-through


  1. Lace Magic Bra: The seamed cups with floral lace provides fashionable everyday comfort. The power mesh wings and elastics give you the right amount of support for extra confidence! 

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  • Constructed seamed cups for added support and lift without underwire
  • Wide mesh side wings provide a slimming side appearance
  • Lace detailing adds a touch of glamour


  • May not be suitable under tight fitted outwear and bodycon dresses


  1. New Poetess Bra: Lace up with the new poetess lace wired bra. Designed for full coverage without foregoing comfort, it is ideal for any occasion.

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  • Lace detailing on cups for glamorous look for any special occasion
  • Full cover cups for modest coverage
  • Underwire for added lift and support


  • Not necessarily considered an everyday bra


  1. Curvy Minimiser Bra: A moulded, non-padded and wired, full cover t-shirt bra from amanté's D-fine range, designed exclusively for the curvy woman! The wide and smooth band makes for a very comfortable and fashionable bra!

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  • Seamless cups to be worn with any top
  • 34D – 42DD size range
  • Full cover cups for modest coverage
  • Reduces bust by 1 inch
  • Wide side wings to minimize bulges


  • May not be suitable for women with smaller breasts as the features of the bra are designed to minimize bust size


  1. Low Impact Sports Bra: The epitome of stylish versatility, the reversible low impact sports bra provides two styles in one bra. Reverse the colours to match your athletic gear and workout in trendy chicness.

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  • Not constraining – ideal for slower workouts like yoga and recovery cardio
  • Vest-like design to smoothen out buldges
  • Racerback rear cut to be worn with tank tops
  • Wide straps for enhanced comfort
  • Not ideal for high impact sports such as running and cycling


Benefits of Wearing a Non Padded Bra

As mentioned throughout this article, non padded bras offer tremendous benefits for women who prefer this style:

  • Enhanced comfort with softly fitting non padded bras
  • Can be used for everyday wear
  • Lace and microfiber fabric non padded bras are ideal for occasion wear
  • The bra is versatile in nature and can be worn by women of varying bust sizes
  • The lack of moulded cups allow the bra to be moulded perfectly to the natural shape of your breast

amante non padded bras

How to wear Non Padded bras?

Non padded bras can be worn with most anything. The only point of caution is sheer clothing as non padded bras might result in nipple show-through. As with most other bras, non padded bras come with adjustable straps for enhanced fit and support. Certain bras catering to full figured women have cushioned straps and hook & eye in the rear for added comfort.

Cut and sew non padded bras are the perfect choice for ethnic clothing such as kurta tops and saree jackets to maintain the specific shape of the bust in these outerwear styles.

Comparison: How does the non padded bra compare with other types of bras?

There are varying silhouettes of bras that all offer different levels of fit and support for an array of occasions. Browse the following comparison of the non padded bra with other silhouettes to find the bra that suits you the best!

  • Non padded & Wired Bra – This bra offers a soft fit without any padding and wire for extra support to lift the bust. This style offers occasion wear bras with lace and sheer fabric.
  • Non padded & Non-Wired Bra – This bra has no underwire or moulded cup. The bra offers comfort for everyday use. Certain sports bras are designed without padding or wire for ultimate comfort for slow-paced exercises such as yoga.
  • Padded & Wired Bra – With both moulded cups and underwire, it is one of the most commonly worn bras. The moulded cup gives a round shape to the breast and is preferred amongst women to wear over t-shirts. The wire provides additional lift and support especially for women with bottom-heavy busts. Padded & wired bras come in varying designs and fabrics for comfort ranging from cotton everyday wear bras to lacy occasion wear bras, as well.
  • Padded & Non-Wired Bra – Commonly loved by Sri Lankan women, this bra offers comfort. The padding reduces nipple show-through with promised comfort without any underwire. These bras are also preferred amongst young girls starting to wear bras as well as women with smaller breasts.

Types of Non padded Bras

There are varying types of non padded bras catered to different needs and occasions. Take a look below for all the types of non padded bras!

  • High Performance non padded bras – These bras specifically cater to women partaking in high intensity exercises such as running, cycling, and circuit training. These bras mould to the shape of the bust and minimize bounce for a comfortable and supportive workout.
  • Non padded bras for large breasts – These bras are designed for women with fuller breasts (typically cup sizes D and above). Special features such as cushioned straps and side slings are built into the bra to provide maximum support and comfort.
  • Non padded bras for small breasts – Like its counterpart, these non padded bras are designed for women with smaller busts, predominantly for women with A cup sizes. These bras are designed to fit to the silhouette of smaller breasts and young girls wearing training bras.
  • Non padded cleavage bra – Also known as the non padded plunge bras, these cleavage bras have a centre-plunge, giving an alluring feel with a deep cut. These bras are ideal for tops with a plunging neckline as it shows off a hint of cleavage.
  • Non padded full cup bra – These bras offer full coverage (covers the whole breast). These full coverage bras are preferred by women with fuller breasts as these bras provide modest coverage. These bras offer more support, as well.
  • Non Padded half cup bra – The half cup bra, also known as the demi bra, covers about half to ¾ of the breast. These bras are ideal when wearing V-neck or low cut tops as the cups and straps are less likely to peek out. These bras usually give lift to create an alluring look.
  • Non padded lace bras – These bras are designed with lace for a sensual and feminine touch. Either on the cups or wings, a touch of lace adds a look of exquisiteness. These bras are ideal for an occasion!
  • Non padded minimiser bra – Minimiser bras are perfect for women with large breasts as these bras are designed to minimize the size of the bust. Non padded minimiser bras are effective in reducing the appearance of the bust without any enhancing features.
  • Non padded seamless bra – This style of bra has no seam on the cups to offer a smooth and unblemished outer look against any top or dress. These are similar to the design of the cup of a non padded shirt bra as it is free of any seams on the cups.
  • Non padded sheer bra – Sheer bras offer a somewhat see-through cup. The material either has lace or a mesh-like material as the cup. These bras are worn mostly for occasional purposes and not every day wear.
  • Non padded training bra – These bras are ones designed specifically for young girls who are beginning to wear bras. As the bust continues to grow, it is important that young girls start wearing soft and comfortable bras to get used to wearing it. These bras are often non padded and non wired to offer the most comfort.
  • Non padded underwire bra – These bras are also known as non padded wired bras. These bras have no padding, however, they come with an underwire to offer extra support and lift by sitting at the breast root.

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Considerations for Best Non Padded Bras in 2018

It’s a common statistic that about 80% of women wear the wrong bra size. So, as we move in to 2018, here are some tips to keep in mind as you purchase (or browse) any non padded bras! Follow these pro-tips to ensure a perfect fit, every time!

  • The occasion – Firstly, make a note of the occasion you require non padded bras for. Everyday wear? Occasion wear? Depending on the situation, your requirement changes accordingly.
  • Types of different non padded bras – After identifying the need for a non padded bra, browse the different types of non padded bras above to find out the most ideal one for you. For instance, if you’re looking for a bra for everyday wear, a non padded shirt bra would be preferred over a non padded sheer bra. Similarly, a non padded lace bra would be a great choice for a more eventful occasion.
  • Fit preferences – Certain bras offer varying features of different size breasts. If you have a heavier bust, opt for bras that are catered to full figure women as there are special features that improve comfort and support!
  • Buying a non padded bra - Once you have chosen the type of non padded bra you wish to purchase, visit a store with a variety in order to have a few options. Think of factors such as colour, embellishments and fabrics as you choose your non padded bra. If possible, opt to visit stores with fit consultants as you can get a professional fitting done to find out the ideal size for you.

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Tips for Finding Non Padded Bras

As mentioned above, the size is a key factor in finding the bra that fits you best. A bra that fits you perfectly should be comfortable, without any digging and irritation. With that in mind, check out the size guide below!


  1. Band size: Wrap your measuring tape around your ribcage, directly and evenly under your bust. Write down the number!
  2. Cup size: Wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of you chest. Hold securely, not tightly! Write down the number! 
  3. Find your fit: Refer to the Chart below using the measurements you found for your Band and Cup Size to find your perfect match!

Under bust 

Band Size

Over bust Measurement

Cup A

Cup B

Cup C

Cup D

23” – 24”


28” – 29”

29” – 30”

30” – 31”

31” – 32”

25” – 26”


30” – 31”

31”– 32”

32”– 33”

33” – 34”

27” – 28”


32” – 33”

33” – 34”

34” – 35”

35” – 36”

29” – 30”


34” – 35”

35” – 36”

36” – 37”

37” – 38”

31” – 32”


36” – 37”

37” -38”

38” – 39”

39” – 40”

33” – 34”


38” – 39”

39” – 40”

40” – 41”

41” – 42”

35” – 36”


40” – 41”

41” – 42”

42” – 43”

43” – 44”


As with finding the right size, the right material is very important, as well. Non padded bras come in a variety of fabrics ranging from cotton mix materials to lace and shiny microfiber.

  • Cotton – Cotton fabric is a preferred option for everyday non padded bras for comfort. With natural moisture management in the cotton fabric, it is great for swear absorption and regulate moisture.
  • Lace – Lace used alongside other fabrics such as cotton or synthetic materials, add a touch of glamour and femininity.
  • Synthetic – One of the most commonly used fabrics, synthetic materials offer breathability and comfort for every day wear. They have a stretchable component which adds flexibility, as well. The spandex component of synthetic bras allow it to ‘remember’ and retain the shape of the bust for continued wear.

Caring for Non Padded Bras

As with any bra, it is important to understand how to care for non padded bras. It is recommended that you hand wash your non padded bra for longevity of the bra.

  1. Wash your bra in lukewarm water and add a light detergent (avoid detergents with harsh chemicals).
  2. Soak the bra in the water for up to an hour and gently rub the fabric together to remove any dirt
  3. Rinse with cool water and hang the garment to dry in shade (not directly under the sun)

For convenience, if you wish to machine wash your non padded bra, it is recommended that you use a machine-friendly bag specifically designed for bras and such delicate garments. As with hand washing your bra, use a light detergent.


Have more questions? Check out the frequently asked questions below!

  1. Are non padded bras better?

A bra is better or not depends solely on the preference of the wearer. Non padded bras retain the natural shape of the breast and offers soft comfort. As mentioned previously, non padded bras are a great option for young girls starting off wearing a bra, as well.

  1. Are non padded bras comfortable?

Non padded bras don’t have any padding and you can opt to pick one without underwire for a bra that will mould to your breast shape for natural comfort. Choosing cotton as a material for your non padded bra will also enhance your level of comfort.

  1. Are non padded bras good for you?

If a non padded bra is good depends on the requirement of the wearer. Non padded bras have no padding (moulded cups or otherwise) which allow the bust to rest normally. Furthermore, if the bra is a non padded and non wired bra, the bra will not provide any enhanced lift, and only support the natural formation of the breast.

  1. Can I sleep with a non padded bra?

If you wish to sleep with a bra, a non padded bra will not have any padding to offer your bust a natural hold. If you choose a cotton bra without underwire, you will have optimal comfort as the breasts can relax naturally.

  1. Can I wear non padded bra while pregnant?

Yes, unless due to skin irritation or other such personal and individual reasons, you can wear a non padded bra while pregnant.

  1. How non padded bra works?

Non padded bras have no padding whatsoever and offer support and coverage naturally with soft fabric. The support comes from the design of the bra itself, the straps and side wings to provide a natural lift and smoother appearance.

  1. How to choose non padded bra size?

To choose the best fitting non padded bra, check out our bra size guide above!

  1. How to wash non padded bra?

Care instructions on how to wash a non padded bra can be found above or through the following link.

  1. How to wear non padded bra?

A non padded bra is worn exactly the same way as in any other bra. Some bras have rear hooks whilst others are worn in a bralette style.

  1. Is non padded bra good for large breasts?

Non padded bras are sometimes preferred by women with large busts as it does not enhance the bust size due to the lack of padding. Non padded and non wired bras offer comfort for those with large breasts.

  1. Is non padded bra good for small breasts?

For small breasts, non padded bras are an ideal choice depending on the requirement and preferences of the wearer. If worn under ethnic wear or for lounge purposes, non padded bras are comfortable and soft. For other occasions such as wearing under t-shirts and tops, padded bras might be more suitable.

  1. When to wear non padded bra?

If you have concerns about any nipple show-through some non padded bras will not suit the wearer. However, this only concerns certain non padded bras.

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Buying Non Padded Bras with amanté

amanté, as a brand, focuses on the South Asian silhouette to design lingerie with a perfect fit. With inspiration from international runways, amanté localizes new styles and designs for comfort, support, and functionality without forgoing allure. Check out this video or the manual steps to find the best non padded bra for you!

  1. To view our collection of non padded bras, please click the following link:
  2. To view an item, click on the image of the item.
  3. Select preferred size and colour and click “add to cart”
  4. Once all items are added to cart, click “view bag and checkout” on the shopping cart.
  5. Review products to ensure the correct size, colour, and quantity. 
  6. Add any instructions for the seller if need be in the box
  7. Check “I have read and understood the terms and conditions.” You can view the terms and conditions by clicking on the text.
  8. Click “proceed to check out”
  9. Enter customer information as required
  10. Check appropriate shipping method and click “Continue to payment method”
  11. Select Payment Method; Cash on Delivery or Credit Card
  12. If billing address is different to shipping address, enter the appropriate billing address.
  13. Complete order


Non padded bras are ideal for women with varying requirements. Whether you are a woman with a large or small bust, a young girl with a training bra, or a woman simply looking for soft comfort, non padded bras are an ideal choice. With the material perfectly moulding to your natural breast shape, it is ideal for anyone looking for smooth comfort! Browse the amanté collection ranging from fashion to everyday non padded bras and sports bras!


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