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7 Ways to Turn Your Relationship Into a Party of Love | amanté Blog

26 Jan, 2017

7 Ways to Turn Your Relationship Into a Party of Love

We often get comfortable in relationships so much so that we let go of the sweet gestures we used to do at the beginning of our relationship. The sweet kiss as you pass by your significant other down the hallway, the bouquet of flowers we get when we go out for dinner, and even pulling out the chair when we sit down to eat are all gestures we may or may not have forgotten. There is certainly no harm in becoming comfortably content in a relationship, yet, add a spark of the initial stages of romance we had and we’ve got ourselves a party of love! These seven ways to rekindle the romance we once felt is a fantastic way to jazz up the love!

  1. Stay off the phone: Our phones are the gateway to a variety of platforms, primarily, social media. Turn off the phone as you enjoy some time with your beau or belle and focus the attention on each other. Having an argument? Talk it out face-to-face. Texting creates unwanted distance during heated discussions, and it will be beneficial to honestly speak your mind.
    amante blog: 7 ways to turn a relationship into a party of love

  2. Small gestures: You need not do grand gestures to get attention. Make your significant other a cup of tea or brew some coffee, get him that favorite snack from a roadside shop, get her favorite dessert the next time you meet her! Small gestures are key in showing your partner that you still care, and you pay attention to detail.
    how to improve your relationship - amante blog

  3. DIY: Who said DIY was for women who had ample time browsing Pinterest? Search on Pinterest for easy DIY projects to give to your spouse. It could be a jar filled with notes about what you love the most about each other, or a set of “Open When” letters to keep them motivated!
    how to improve your relationship - amante blog

  4. A walk down memory lane: Conversation does not have to always surround around the present. Have a laugh over funny memories. Remembering positive memories can help boost positive moods and rekindle the romance and friendship you’ve sustained!
    how to improve your relationship - amante blog

  5. Sweat it: Spend some time with your significant other in the great outdoors, or at the gym. In other words, schedule some time to do activities. Whether this be a workout routine together or a trek into the forest, it’ll be an adventure to laugh and smile about!
    how to improve your relationship - amante blog

  6. Hug it out: Not only for the sake of comfort but make it a point to hold hands and not your phone. Hug your partner and soak in the comfort and safety brought in by each other.
    how to improve your relationship - amante blog

  7. Say thank you: When was the last time you uttered a note of appreciation? Be conscious in thanking your partner. Whether that be for the help they offer or the sweet gesture he/she made. Make it a point to appreciate your significant other.
    how to improve your relationship - amante blog

As relationships withstand the test of time, make sure that while we stay comfortable, we also appreciate the other. Whether that be a small gesture or a sweet thank you kiss, your partner will sure love the care still given!


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