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5 Ways Exercise Can Change your Life | amanté Blog

20 Feb, 2017

5 Ways Exercise Can Change your Life

Exercising has been mostly clubbed as a method to lose weight and we tend to overlook the other life-changing benefits it offers. Exercise, whether that be strength training, cardio, or even Pilates, has multi-faceted benefits beyond aesthetic purposes. Even if you’re happy with your body weight, or looking to lose weight – remember the plethora of benefits that tag along as a result of an active lifestyle, and we’ve listed some of the five biggest ways it can change your life!

  1. Feel Good: Exercise, of any kind, is known to release feel-good chemicals such as endorphins that relieve us of depression. It can reduce chemicals released from our immune system that promotes negative moods. Furthermore, regular exercise can help boost confidence as you reach your goals, as small or big as they are. It’s a form of distraction to set your mind into quantitative goals and allow for more social interaction (talking to that cute guy at the gym counts!).

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  2. Immune System Benefits: As you exercise, your blood circulation in your body improves as well as the immune system components. This allows your immune system to function faster and more efficiently to prevent illnesses (or cure them faster).

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  3. Better Sleep: As you exercise, you increase your bodily temperature, and as your day progresses, your temperature cools, allowing the body to fall to slumber faster.

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  4. Increase Brain Function: As your blood flow increases, it promotes your brain to function faster and boosts memory and learning. Constant flows of blood throughout your brain allows for the growth of new brain cells, too!

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  5. Body Confidence: Lastly, losing weight, toning your physique and experiencing feel good moods have been known to increase our body confidence! While we’ve already established the aesthetic results of fitness, there is no such thing as too much self-love! Exercise boosts our body image, flaunt our stature and be more accepting of our flaws and imperfections!

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Exercise is a key factor in weight loss, yet, most often than not, we tend to overlook the other significant benefits. Exercise, as a whole, brings together a healthier lifestyle, ultimately leading to a positive change in our behavior and our life patterns! If you're looking to add in fitness into your daily life, get the best workout essentials from a-Life Sportswear. Browse sports bras, compression pants, and tops here!



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