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5 Tips on Loving Yourself This Valentine's Day | amanté Blog

20 Jan, 2017

5 Tips on Loving Yourself This Valentine's Day

As the 14th of February arrives, so does the lengthy list of expectations that tag along. It could be that uncle or aunt of yours asking when your big day is, or it could even be yourself expecting to celebrate the day of love with someone special. Valentine’s Day is also about loving yourself. The day wasn’t coined purely to be celebrating the special bond with a significant other. It’s also about sharing the love with your family, friends, and most importantly, yourself. Interestingly enough, even those in relationships should consider the idea of spending some time loving themselves. Sometimes, we get caught up in the whirlwind of romance with our beau or belle, and we forget to spend some time loving ourselves. Therefore, n the name of loving ourselves, we’ve combined a list of five ways to fall in love with yourself.

How to Love Yourself This Valentine's Day

Tip 1: What do you love? Think of the top 10 things you love. The list can be composed of people or objects.

Once you finish the list, take a moment to reflect if you’ve included yourself in it. If you haven’t, why not? Then, make a note of the things you love about yourself. As cliché as this advice goes, we’ve spend much too long fussing over the things we’d like to change (those love handles, or the confidence issues) and not enough on those things we love! Revisit this list as often as you can and add to it when you find something else you love about yourself. That way, when your mind threatens to visit thoughts inflicting on your love for yourself, pull out this list and make an active effort to be kind to yourself.
How to Love Yourself This Valentine's Day

Tip 2: Ask a few people what they love about you. Writing up a list of the things you love about yourself might seem daunting, and if you feel like you need an outsider looking into your life, ask a few close individuals. They can be your parents, siblings, or friends and even significant others!

How to Love Yourself This Valentine's Day

Tip 3: Say no. As surprising as it may seem, saying no to something isn’t as punishing as we may think it might be.

Friends asking to come out for a drink when you feel like curling up with a tub of ice cream and the movie Notebook playing? Have no shame, and say no to a night out. When you say no, it creates space to be with yourself and enjoy what you really wish to do.

How to Love Yourself This Valentine's Day

Tip 4: Create a no-judgement zone.

We often look at others for self-appraisal, when in fact, the appraisal that matters the most should be yours. You are your greatest critic, and likewise, why can’t we allow ourselves to be our greatest supporter? How often do you find yourself wishing to lose that belly fat as opposed to loving your fast-paced jocular humor? Take a step back and consciously allow yourself for a pat on the back every once in a while.

How to Love Yourself This Valentine's Day

Tip 5: Trim that to do list.

Finally, as we embark on our personal goals this New Year, we often tend to overestimate our capacity to tick the list off. We genuinely start as a way to be a better individual, however, some goals take longer to achieve than others. This advice isn’t requiring to remove goals off of lists, but simply to see which goals can be prioritized which can be long-ranging goals. That way, when we evaluate ourselves, we can understand which goals have been given priority and how successfully they have been completed without criticizing the number of goals achieved!

How to Love Yourself This Valentine's Day

Loving ourselves is difficult when our own mind tends to steer into parts of ourselves we aren’t happy about. These feelings may especially be prominent on days focusing on loving others. Therefore, take the time to learn about yourself. What are your quirks? What makes you laugh? What are you afraid of? Learning yourself is the key to loving yourself and others, as well!

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