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Tips To Avoid At The Gym | amante | Women’s sports bra Article

10 Aug, 2016

5 Things You Should Never Wear to the Gym

Working out is a necessary evil for some and a stress-reliever for others and many factors play into an effective session at the gym. Dressing for comfort trumps most other gym etiquettes, however, abiding by these faux pas will ensure a more satisfying workout. From sports bras to running shoes and cotton t-shirts, we’ve listed out five things to never wear to the gym.

  • Sports bras - Women's sports bras are mandatory for any workout, but unsupportive bras are a health hazard. Women’s sports bras are designed for varying impacts; from low to medium to high, and depending on the workout, the appropriate bra should be worn.You can view a full comprehensive guide to picking the right sports bra here!

5 Things to Never Wear to the Gym amanté BlogLoose active wear - Don’t go loose on your lunges. Ill-fitted sportswear can be a safety problem as there is a higher probability of it getting snagged on machines or other equipment. It can also weigh down as you get about your active day. Don’t forgo comfort for tight fitted outfits. Simply opt for form fitting sports t-shirts and pants.


5 Things to Never Wear to the Gym amanté Blog

  • Regular shoes – A casual lace up shoe can never be justified at the gym. Flat-sole shoes provide little to no arch support and can cause foot-related injuries in the long run. Be on the look out for running shoes with appropriate cushioning for comfort and a fitted feel. Your feet will thank you.

5 Things to Never Wear to the Gym amanté Blog

  • Leave the Lotion – while lotion is the Holy Grail for dry skin, forgo the moisturizer if you’re hitting the gym. Sweat and lotion is a greasy muddle when combined and might even irritate your eyes, or as dire as slipping free weights from your grasp! Say no to moisturizer, easy as that. Lotion up after your post-workout shower. It’ll not only last longer, but it will also be more beneficial to your skin.

5 Things to Never Wear to the Gym amanté Blog

No matter the motivation to workout, your active wear is a key factor in ensuring a safe, and effective workout. Browsing for the ideal gym outfit? Shop amanté’s A-Life active-wear for a range of form fitting, supportive, and comfortable gym attire!

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