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The Ultimate Packing List for any Holiday! | amanté Blog

04 May, 2017

The Ultimate Packing List for any Holiday!

It goes without saying that traveling is one of the best methods to reduce stress as it will assuredly create serenity within you and around you. When it comes to holidaying, the most tedious yet essential task you might come across is planning what to take. Whether it is a trip overseas or a local destination, there are certain essentials you must take with you to ensure your vacation is as exciting and enjoyable as you imagined. With that in mind, here is our pick of 5 things you must take on holiday no matter where you go

  • Documents – They say our world is one global village with seamless boundaries. Nevertheless, when traveling, ensure you have the right documents in accordance with travel requirements of your destination. Passports, visa, personal ID, student ID, hotel/tour information, health insurance cards, loyalty cards and offer details, pre-purchased transportation tickets, emergency contact information also, not forgetting cash and active credit cards could be included in the checklist.

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  • Carry-On Luggage - Whilst your luggage is packed with your belongings, it is always better to keep a few essentials in a sturdy carry-on that will keep you cozy throughout the journey! This bag will also be your life saver in case your luggage goes missing and thus, taking all your happiness away. Precaution is key! Hence, pack your carry-on bag with phone/s, chargers, power banks, adapters, camera, a pen, a notebook, headphones, ear plugs, eye masks, travel pillow, facial tissues, wet wipes, sanitizer, sunglasses, glasses, small towel and a change of clothes for an emergency.

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  • Luggage – The goal with any sort of luggage is to keep it as light as possible. The list of luggage items will vary given the duration of the stay and destination, but there a few essentials you might want to take with you. t-shirts, shorts, pants, bras (and sports bras), panties, sleepwear, swimsuits, walking shoes, medicine, and prescriptions are must on the list!
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  • Toiletry bag – This will contain your daily essentials. Toothpaste, toothbrush, perfume, sunglasses, female sanitary wear, mini mirror, lip balm, beauty products, facial tissues and wet wipes.

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  • Security – You can never be too cautious! Visiting an unfamiliar place? Take a few back locks and door locks to ensure security and a peace of mind!

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There could be more you would want to include on the list, but these are a few essentials you shouldn't leave behind! Start packing for your next holiday without sparing a second and enjoy the benefits of taking a relaxing holiday! Need any more reason on why you should take that holiday? Read our blog post on why you really need to take a holiday!

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