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5 Best Workout YouTube Channels for an Equipment-Free Workout!

19 Jan, 2017

5 Best Workout YouTube Channels for an Equipment-Free Workout!

For some of us, if not all, have a health-related goal to achieve or to progress towards this year. Most of these goals may surround the overarching theme of losing weight for aesthetic benefits or for a holistic healthy life balance. Regardless of how strong our desires are to reach our end goal, it is sometimes difficult to get out of bed and hit the gym for a beneficial workout. Especially if you’re busy working or studying, time is precious. We know the reality of your struggle, and we’ve listed down five top YouTube channels for a workout that will leave you wanting more! This no-equipment and short-burst workout will be your best friend even on your busiest days!



Cassey Ho, the instructor of this channel is vivacious and bubbly! Her infectious manner will keep you upbeat and on the balls of your toes for the whole workout. Her workout videos range from HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) to toning specific muscle groups (i.e. Thighs, waist, and glutes)! She’s a certified fitness instructor and the channel talks about nutrition and diet to achieve a well-balanced progress!


The Daily HIIT:

HIIT workouts are short burst workouts with a higher calorie burn. These works focus on your core, and targets specific muscle groups with high intensity for a shorter period of time. The channel offers a variety of trainers for different workout routines such as Yoga, Rep counts workouts, body and core.





Power couple Daniel and Kelly behind this channel offer simple workouts to up your heart rate! Workouts range in difficulty level and the type of workout, ranging from strength training to HIIT, yoga, and Pilates! Within each workout, the duo talks through easier versions of the exercise for beginners!




Tone it Up:

The beach-body-perfect hosts Karena and Katrina focus their channel on achieving that perfect beach body! Yet, there workouts and inspiration goes far beyond aesthetics! Their motto “Share, Love, Inspire, Sweat” has allowed fans all over to love their bodies and their fame has even made it on to famous publications such as Women’s Health and Glamour Magazine!

Unlike the other channels, provides an equal balance of nutritional videos as well as calorie burning ones! The channel uploads videos on a weekly basis ranging from diets to nutrition to free workouts that target all muscle groups such as abs, hips, and even circuit training videos to get your blood pumping!


Working out isn’t a chore if you look forward to it! Stretched for time? Opt for a HIIT workout. It’ll steal your breath away for 20-30 minutes, but that’s one more workout you did! Want to tone a specific muscle group? Watch videos that focus on those muscles!

You don’t have to spend hours at the gym trying to look your best. Focus on taking small steps and remember, a balance of diet and exercise will not only keep your heart happy but your head happy as well!

Looking for workout essentials to wear as you take on your year's goals? Your clothes matter, too. The bra you wear, the compression of your pants all factor towards a great workout! If you're on the hunt for workout gear, browse the amanté's newest sports collection here!






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