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3 Easy & Simple Holiday Makeup Looks | amanté Blog

16 Dec, 2016

3 Easy & Simple Holiday Makeup Looks

This holiday season, play to the inherent beauty of your features with exquisite makeup looks! These three simple looks don’t require the magic of experts, but just a few key products! Look stunning and complement any outfit with these shimmer, matte, or bold looks!

    Shimmer: Be glamorous in the simplest of ways with a shimmery holiday look. Bronze-toned eye-shadows work best on olive and tanned skin tones! Get away with two colors for this look: a dark and a lighter shade of shimmer. Apply the darker shade to the outer corner and the lighter color over the lid and inner corner to create depth. Finish off with eyeliner and a coat of mascara.

    Shimmer Makeup look
    Lulu's, Holiday Shimmer Eye

    Mad for Matte: If you’re a fan of matte colors, pick two tones, a creamy beige and a warm brown for this look. Blend the warm brown on the outer corners and the beige towards the inner corner to create depth and dimension. Follow the line of shadow with a smooth black winged liner, and finish off with mascara. If you’re feeling bold, add in some false eyelashes and swipe a bold red lip color for a festive feel! 

    Matte makeup lookMatte Makeup Look, Ashley K Holm

    The Color of the Season: Give your eyes a brighter look with burgundy eyeshadow. Star with a deep red on the outer corner of the eye. Apply a beige color over the lid for a clean cut look and apply the same crease color along the crease towards the middle of the eyelid. Dab your brush into a beige cream color with an undertone of shimmer on the inner corner to brighten up the look. Bring the crease color down along the lower lash line and finish off with winged eyeliner and mascara. If you want to add an extra oomph to the look, use false eyelashes to create a sensual look.

    Burgundy Makeup LookBurgundy Makeup Look, Denitslava (video tutorial here)

     Glam up your holiday festive outfits with these surprisingly easy makeup tutorials! Whether you go bold, colorful, or simply matte, it's a beautiful way to amp up your holiday looks!

    Thinking of your holiday outfits? Check out our blog post on the best holiday style tips here!


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