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Know Your Bra Size | amanté | Bra Size Calculator Article

09 Jun, 2016

How to Know If You’re Wearing the Wrong Bra Size

Ladies underwear and bras are not merely a bottom- drawer staple anymore in today’s fashion forward society. In fact, innerwear is the foundation to an impeccably executed outfit. Yet, with that in mind, approximately 85% of women end up wearing the wrong bra size. Comfortable bras are no longer synonymous with loose nor are push-up bras synonymous with tight. There are a plethora of ways to know if you’re wearing the wrong bra size; therefore, embrace the firm fit culture, and you will be thankful.



The Bra

  • The Band : Did you know, 80% of the support of bras originate from the band? To guarantee an appropriate fit, ensure that the entire band is horizontal along your ribcage . If it is riding upward at the back, then you know you’re wearing the wrong size.

    Test it out: To ensure a firmer fit, insert two fingers under the band at the back towards the hook and pull it outward. If the pull gives an inch, you’re a step closer to the perfect fit. However, if the pull is looser than an approximately an inch, you need to size down, or any less and you would be requiring a smaller band size.
  • The Straps :Don’t compensate for a loose band by tightening the straps of your bra. The straps provide the alluring uplift, and must be also carefully assessed. If you’re left with red marks and imprints across the tops of your shoulders, that is an evident sign you need to loosen them for the right fit. However, if you require the tightest strap fit to keep your bra upright, then you know you’re heavily overcompensating and it is time to purchase a new bra.

    Test it out: How do you know if the straps are adjusted appropriately? The right fit of the straps will deliver a sensual uplift while resting comfortably sans red streaks across your shoulders.
  • The Hooks & Closures :Ideally, bras should be worn on the middle set of hooks. If your pristine and recently purchased bra requires you to use the tightest hooks, reconsider the size of the band, as it might be looser than your silhouette. Likewise, hooking on to the loosest set might be an indication of a loosely fitted bra band.
  • The Underwire & Gore : It is important to ensure that the underwire sits flat against your rib cage and along the natural crease. Size up a cup and make sure the underwire is parallel to the bone for a comfortable and fully supported fit. The centre panel of your bra (the gore) should also lie flatly parallel against your chest. If the panel is lifted off the chest, then you might be wearing a cup size too small

    Test it out: Apply pressure against the underwire of your bra. The right fit should not leave the underwire pressing against the tissue. Additionally, lift your arms upward; a well fitted bra should have the centre panel move outward.

The Fit and Feel

  • Bulging and Creasing:A sensual uplift provided by your bra shouldn’t result in any bulging over the cup nor around the sides. In fact, the cups of your bra should fully mould to your contours. Thus, if you’re experiencing such discomfort, a size up would provide you with a more fitted feel. As with bulging, creased cups are also an unfortunate reality. If you’re noticing creases and wrinkles along the cups of your bra, rest assured, you’re most likely wearing a bra too big. Ask for a bra size with one cup size smaller for enhanced comfort.
    Test it out: After wear, check to see if the trim of the cup is smoothly fitted along the swell of the tissue for a comfortable fit.
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