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Plan the Ideal Honeymoon | amanté | Honeymoon Planning Article

09 Jun, 2016

Packing for the Ideal Honeymoon

Where are you headed off to?

Thoroughly narrow down your options by being conscious of the weather patterns at your destination. Rainy? Take a rain jacket. Sunny? Bring a hat. Just a little chilly? Pack your favourite pashmina. Regardless of where you are going, make sure you pack for possible alternative weather. Constantly be aware of the weather changes so you’re prepared for anything.

As the big day’s events draw to a close, you and your significant other deserve nothing short of an absolutely cherished honeymoon to enjoy the blissful feeling of being a newly married couple. However, with a well-planned honeymoon comes a list amassed with a lengthy number of to-do checklists; and figuring out what outfits to take and what to leave is a dilemma on its own. Fear not, here are a few reminders to keep you in check while you plan the finest getaway of your life.

Aromas and Candles

If you’re planning on a thoroughly relaxing honeymoon, pack a few scented candles and soap gels to immerse yourself in a luxurious bath and put your mind at ease.

Line it Up with Lingerie

It would be a crime in itself to not mention the wedding night lingerie and sleepwear. Accentuate your beauty by lacy bridal nightwear. Here are a few suggestions as you pack for your exquisite adventure.

• A delicate bra and panty set: Push-up or multiway, choose a set that will provide the support and also show off the post-wedding glow.

• A soft robe: Who knew wedding night wear could be so sensual? Tease your partner with soft materials adorned with intricate lace designs.

• A baby doll set: Be a vision in white with soft ivory or a beauty in color; you can’t go wrong with this nightwear for honeymoon!

• A chemise: relax in a sea of silken softness whilst still looking your best.

Keep it Comfortable

Travelling long or short distances can be tiresome. Pack comfortable travel clothes so you can leave your worries at home, and enjoy uninterrupted delight with your partner. Pair your favourite outfits with a set of cotton bra and pantie to experience the epitome of comfort.

Your honeymoon is perfect opportunity to bask in the bliss of your post-wedding excitement and to enjoy the company of your partner. Celebrate the wondrous union in the way that will leave memories for years to come. Therefore, regardless of where you go and what you pack, remember to focus on your partner and yourself; and nightwear for wedding night and the honeymoon is just an added (but still arguably important) bonus. Looking for honeymoon lingerie? Browse our collection of gorgeous satin and lace honeymoon lingerie here!


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